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  1. The rise of the Entrepreneurial Leader

    It is clear that leadership and entrepreneurship are many things in common, and often this is due to the fact that well-known entrepreneurs are also leaders. McGrath and MacMillan (2000) explain ...

  2. Entrepreneurship as corporate culture

    Continuing the safari through the schools of entrepreneurship theory, this article explores entrepreneurship as corporate culture.

  3. Entrepreneurship as a skill

    A skill could be defined as "an ability to perform an action", so it makes sense that entrepreneurship, when viewed as a skill, will have plenty in common with both the activity and trait-based ...

  4. Entrepreneurship as an activity

    I'm now midway through an in-depth exploration of entrepreneurship and its relationship to leadership. In the last article I explored entrepreneurship as a leadership style . In this article in the series, I explore entrepreneurship as a series of activities.

  5. Entrepreneurship as a leadership style

    Previously I explored entrepreneurship through the lens of trait theory . Unfortunately, the "trait" model does not always fit with observed entrepreneurial activity. Many academics have made ...

  6. Entrepreneurship as a personality trait

    Continuing my exporation of entrepreneurship and leadership , in this article I explore entrepreneurship through the lens of trait theory .

  7. Is entrepreneurship merely a special case of leadership?

    The Entrepreneurial Leader has become a powerful cultural symbol in today's society, and is instrumental in driving important changes in business and in society. An entrepreneurial leader is often viewed as charismatic with a grand vision, strong influencing powers and the drive to introduce innovative change. Depending on the definition, this figure can be found in small business, large business, politics and even the arts.

  8. Bolman and Deal's Four Frames for Emergency Management

    Today I was meeting with a client as part of Datalink's MECC Central rollout across Victoria , and she was telling me of the four pillars of emergency management from the Emergency Management Manual ...