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Hi, I'm Scott Davey and I'll be your host for this site. I'm a software developer, manager and entrepreneur, and spend my days on strategic new product development.

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Latest Posts

  1. Installing GDAL and QGIS on OSX Yosemite

    For those of you working on geospatial datasets, if you're like me then your go-to tools will be QGIS and GDAL. Here's my latest homebrew setup for these tools, on a freshly built OSX Yosemite ...

  2. Installing GDAL 1.11 on OSX using Homebrew

    UPDATE:  There's now an easier way to do this . For those that work on GIS software development, GDAL is probably your go-to toolkit as it is mine.  Recently I had to read data from the ...

  3. First impressions of the Emergency Management Reform Whitepaper - what this means for Victorian councils

    It's great to see the Victorian Emergency Management White Paper finally released - now the industry can collectively exhale and start breathing, and planning, again.   Our initial read has ...

  4. The rise of the Entrepreneurial Leader

    It is clear that leadership and entrepreneurship are many things in common, and often this is due to the fact that well-known entrepreneurs are also leaders. McGrath and MacMillan (2000) explain ...

  5. Entrepreneurship as corporate culture

    Continuing the safari through the schools of entrepreneurship theory, this article explores entrepreneurship as corporate culture.